AIDA Freediving Courses


AIDA International

Created in 1992, AIDA (International Association for the Development of Apnea) is founded by a group of freedivers. Since then, works of AIDA include freediving education, organizing freediving competitions, and participate in scientific study of the sport.

All courses take place in Hong Kong. If you wish to do oversea freediving course, please contact us for details.

AIDA 1 Basic Freediving Course

This course offers a basic knowledge of freediving to beginners.


AIDA 2 Freediving Course

This course is for good swimmers or snorkelers who want to learn freediving. It helps students to build a good foundation of freediving.


AIDA 3 Advanced Freediving Course

This is an advanced course for freedivers who have already reached certain level. Students will learn some advanced skills and knowledge of freediving.