AIDA 3 Advanced Freediving Course 


- Be 18 years of age or older (or 16 with guardian's consent)

- Have completed the AIDA 2 course OR have completed the AIDA 2 Crossover Evaluation if crossing over from another freediving agency

Learning Aim:

This is an advanced course for freedivers who have already reached certain level. Students will learn some advanced skills, training concepts and theory of freediving.


Course Content:

- Frenzel Equalization

- Freediving Training

- Barotrauma related to freediving and how to avoid them

- Freediving safety and protocols

Theory Session x1 (around 6hrs in total)

Pool Practice x1 (around 3hrs)

Shore Practice x1 Full Day

Open Water Practice x2 Full Day


Course Fee: HK$5,500 (including notes, exam and certification fee)

*Student need to complete the following requirement for AIDA 3 certificate:

1) Theoretical test

2) 2min45sec breath hold

3) Swim 55m underwater with fins

4) Freedive to 24m with fins

**Flexible course schedule, minimum course intake is 2 persons; please contact us through Facebook/ Instagram for booking