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AIDA 3 Advanced Freediving Course 


- Be 18 years of age or older (or 16 with guardian's consent)

- Have completed the AIDA 2 course OR have completed the AIDA 2 Crossover Evaluation if crossing over from another freediving agency

Learning Aim:

This is an advanced course for freedivers who have already reached certain level. Students will learn some advanced skills, training concepts and theory of freediving.


Course Content:

- Frenzel Equalization

- Freediving Training

- Barotrauma related to freediving and how to avoid them

- Freediving safety and protocols

Theory Session x1 (around 6hrs in total)

Pool Practice x2 (around 5hrs in total)

Shore Practice x1 Full Day

Open Water Practice x2 Full Day


Course Fee: HK$5,600 (including notes, exam and certification fee)

(10% off for 2 enrol together)


*Student need to complete the following requirement for AIDA 3 certificate:

1) Theoretical test

2) 2min45sec breath hold

3) Swim 55m underwater with fins

4) Freedive to 24m with fins

**Please check our Facebook Page for course schedule