freediving 自由潛水

Holos Freediving

Holos means "complete", "entire", "whole" in Greek, implies we want to bring a complete set of freediving knowledge and skills to our students, and to get more people enjoy the fun and sincerity of freediving.




Eva, first encounter freediving in a pool session of scuba diving course; where she saw some freedivers taking underwater photos. The next thing she told her scuba instructor was "I don't want to do scuba anymore, I wan to to learn free diving."  The course turned out to be her first and last scuba diving experience.

As one of her freediving coach in Thailand told her Dahab in Egypt is the best place to practice the sport, Eva spent 2 summers in Dahab. She used to think freediving is all about diving deeper, now she realise the true joy of the sport is to enjoy every single moment underwater, and to help her students to unveil their potential.